How ProLion and NetApp are working together to modernise backup architecture

NetApp recently revealed a technology preview of SnapDiff V3 and SnapMirror Cloud. ProLion, a long-standing partner of NetApp, has been following this technology preview with great excitement. As a NetApp alliance partner,  ProLion has been producing innovative solutions to complement NetApp technology for many years.

ProLion will come to market utilising the updated API to provide NetApp customers with support for the SnapMirror Cloud feature. In case you missed NetApp’s technology preview or haven’t read Ling Zheng’s accompanying blog post, you can find a link at the end of this article.

As more and more NetApp customers deploy our CryptoSpike ransomware protection software coupled with NetApp Cloud offerings, we are now excited to innovate our RestoreManager and DataAnalyzer solutions to be deployed both on-premise and into the cloud supporting NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy. The SnapDiff V3 architecture building blocks of SnapDiff and SnapMirror Cloud APIs will enable us to create highly flexible and modern products and provide our customers with robust solutions for any use case.

From tape-based backup to modern data management

With this new technology, NetApp is tackling some key challenges of the NAS backup process that have historically been inefficient and challenging for engineers to deal with.  More and more organisations are looking at moving their backup data to the cloud, which is inherently more flexible and less labour-intensive to manage than tape-based backup architectures. Therefore, the necessity for efficient restore mechanisms will continue to grow. Protocols such as NDMP, and the architectures it has been designed to work with, have grown outdated and cannot keep up with the requirements of modern agile data management approaches.

What’s new with SnapDiff V3 and the ProLion RestoreManager integration?

SnapDiff V3, comprised of the key components of SnapDiff and SnapMirror Cloud, maintains all the familiar advantages of forever incremental backup as well as the storage efficiency of ONTAP’s deduplication and compression. SnapDiff V3 adds the capability of online restores straight from cloud object storage.

The integration of SnapDiff V3 into our RestoreManager software will allow NetApp customers to keep a detailed file catalogue, which is compiled by NetApp SnapDiff technology that efficiently identifies changes between snapshots. Whilst maintaining the efficiency of incremental backups, NetApp users will also be able to restore granular files in a timely manner from local backup targets, as well as object storage in the cloud.

Stay tuned for more innovation from ProLion

We at ProLion are excited to bring this innovation to our solutions and deliver these new capabilities to our customers with software built on state-of-the art technologies. Stay tuned and check back soon for more news!

Click here to see the post on the official NetApp Blog, written by Ling Zheng, Technical Director at NetApp!


  1. Hi
    Great solution.
    – Is the ONTAP secondary mandatory or optional, ie can I go directly from ONTAP primary to S3 storage?
    – I suppose S3 could be a cloud location, which cloud vendors do you support?
    Rgs Erik

    • There is no restriction of what is your source system of the SnapMirror Cloud relationship. As you have mentioned you can also set it up directly from the primary system to the S3 storage.

      Every S3 target will be supported in future (cloud and on-prem). In this first Version of this feature from NetApp AWS, GPC and Azure as well as NetApp StorageGrid can be configured.

  2. Thanks Markus
    Another question – if you have ONTAP primary directly to S3, and my DC burns down, can I restore volumes frommy S3 bucket?
    (also do I need a kind of backup of ProLion RestoreManager configuration or just the configuration data for the S3 bucket ?)
    Rgs Erik

    • Yes, you can restore for example your volumes back to an new ONTAP cluster from your backup S3 target. The important part is to have a backup of your S3 bucket configuration somewhere to be able to do run the restore job. The easiest way to secure the RestoreManager configuration is basically to backup the complete virtual machine to some external destination.

  3. Hi,
    is it possible to restore data to a non-NetApp, non-ONTAP, and/or “non-SnapMirror technology” storage? Can a restore be done by means of the S3 protocol instead of snapmirror technology? Could a “ordinary” storage be a restore destination ?

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